Children deserve the best, and so do you

Selecting ACCENT on Children’s Arrangements is a game-changer for meeting planners seeking top-tier childcare solutions. With ACCENT, you gain a partner who understands the intricate balance between professional events and ensuring children’s engagement and safety.

Our specialized Program Managers craft custom “edutainment” experiences, seamlessly integrating fun and learning, allowing planners to focus confidently on their event’s success, knowing the youngest attendees are in expert hands.

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Benefits of our programs

  • Boosts Employee Attendance
  • Provides Schedule Flexibility
  • Champions Family Values
  • Comprehensive Liability Coverage

On-Site Childcare

We bring our children’s programs directly to your office or facility, requiring only the space to get started, making it convenient for you and your employees. We offer our services globally, so wherever you are that’s where we’ll be.

Equipment Supply and Daily Sanitization

We not only provide all essential equipment but also ensure daily sanitization, maintaining a clean and safe environment for children.

Organized Activities

We take your child’s experience to the next level with a range of organized activities that include exciting field trips, festive holiday events, and exclusive youth hospitality suites for an extra layer of fun and engagement.

Peace of Mind

From start to finish, we’ve got you covered. Our team handles every detail seamlessly. Planners and parents relish our all-encompassing services, enabling them to concentrate fully on their tasks.

Trained Specialists

Our dedicated managers are experts, holding certifications in CPR and Pediatric First Aid. They are well-prepared to deliver top-notch care in any situation, providing peace of mind for your organization and employees.

Enriched Learning Environments

We create engaging learning spaces filled with a variety of hands-on activities to enhance the curriculum and make education fun.

Every event can be family-friendly with AOCA!

On-site programs, field trips, holiday events, and youth hospitality suites