Field Trips

Exciting tours that get kids going

Our educational tours are designed to awaken the curiosity of young minds, making history, culture, and local stories come alive. Learning is transformed into an immersive journey, with our guides adept at making every moment count. From famous landmarks to hidden gems, we ensure children not only see but also understand the essence of the city.

All-Inclusive Field Trip Services

  • Admission and fees to amazing experiences in the city
  • Led by CPR and First Aid-certified Program Managers
  • Uniformed staff as chaperones
  • Food, drink, and snacks
  • Reliable transportation with a certified corporation
  • All applicable taxes, fees, and insurance

Unlocking Adventures and Knowledge

ACCENT on Children’s Arrangements is dedicated to creating captivating experiences for children aged 6 and older through our city tours. Our licensed guides are the heart and soul of these tours, seamlessly blending education with excitement.

When children join our city tours, they embark on adventures that are both educational and fun, guided by experts who ensure that every landmark and activity becomes a source of inspiration.

Trips That Excite and Move

Our tours go beyond textbooks; they incorporate elements of thrill and wonder, providing children with holistic experiences that leave them with indelible memories. The “must-see and do” landmarks aren’t just checked off a list; they become an integral part of a child’s story, etched in their memories.

We believe that city tours are not mere visits but opportunities for children to grow, learn, and connect with the world around them. ACCENT’s licensed guides are not just leaders; they are the key to unlocking a world of exploration and discovery for children aged 6 and older.

Every event can be family-friendly with ACCENT!

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