Health & Safety Policies

Protocol advisory for our clients and families
  • No medication, including sunscreen, is dispensed.
  • Parents are requested to provide allergy details in registration and waiver forms.
  • Child nametags are color-coded for staff recognition based on allergies.
Physically Challenged and Special Needs
  • ACCENT advises clients on accommodating special needs.
  • Additional accommodation staff or needs are the client’s responsibility.
Emergency Plan, Child Safety, and Public Health Protocols
  • Program Managers meet with the facility’s Director of Security.
  • Evacuation procedures and fire plans are established.
  • Client and parents are notified of incidents.
  • Rooms are made safe by removing hazards.
  • Safety plugs are used for electrical outlets.
  • Inspection of children’s bathrooms for hazards is conducted.

For additional details, refer to your event-specific information packet supplied by AOCA.