Corporate Social Responsibility

Voluntourism made for a memorable eventVoluntourism: Opportunities to Give Back & Pay It Forward

Offering event attendees an opportunity to give to organizations or communities in host cities is a growing trend in Corporate Social Responsibility. In New Orleans, the term “voluntourism” was given to such programs that attracted conferences and events to add a day, or set aside time to band together with other attendees and work with local non-profits.

Corporate Social Responsibility efforts are often an exercise in teambuilding. ACCENT seeks organizations and opportunities that fit within your group’s mission. Attendees lend their talents and time while visiting the city, leaving with a positive feeling that comes from giving back to a community and bonding with other attendees. 

Interested in learning more about "voluntourism" and the benefits of adding this to your overall event plan? Contact ACCENTon Arrangements-DMC at to discuss the opportunities to give during your visit.