Benefits of Event & Meeting Child Care

ACCENT on Children’s Arrangements

Childcare has become the necessity for the business traveler and more and more corporations are realizing the importance of providing child care for meetings and conventions. Here are some benefits of providing child care.

  • Demonstrates your organization believes in family values
  • Reduces liability issues that arise when attendees bring their children onsite
  • Increases membership and attendance
  • Attracts younger members
  • Offers a broader dimension to meetings and events
  • Gives peace of mind and more focus to attendees
  • Shows evidence that your organization is cutting edge
  • Creates sponsorship opportunities

By hiring ACCENT, your staff is saved the time and trouble of scouting out makeshift solutions. In essence, ACCENT is a marvelous, temporary full-service children’s program that complements what you are offering to your members. More importantly, ACCENT knows promotion, logistics and risk management!


Event Planning with Families in Mind