The ACCENT Story

Diane Lyons, CMP, DMCP, began her tourism career in New Orleans as a DMC in 1985, after leaving her professional career as a teacher in the early 1980's.

Diane spent several years in the destination management field as the Director of Operations for a large national firm and later Director of Sales for one of the nation's first DMC's based in New Orleans. In the late 80’s, she saw the emerging need for a safe, exciting place for the children of working parents who were attending meetings and conventions.

In 1991, Diane created a niche-based national company to meet this need: ACCENT on Children’s Arrangements, Inc. The company has flourished as more meetings recognize the need to create family events.

Receiving many awards, Diane has been recognized by PCMA as Author of the Year and has been featured in USA Today and on Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer.

In 2001, ACCENT customers asked Diane to provide DMC services in New Orleans, thus ACCENT on Arrangements-DMC was created. Diane once again recognized a need for great customer service, flexibility and trustworthy partners.

Diane says, "ACCENT on Arrangements-DMC was created to build on the great relationships of our people, our clients and our partners."

In 2004, she was named a top business woman of New Orleans by New Orleans City Business Magazine. She also serves as contributing editor to Experient's Meeting Mentor Magazine. Diane currently serves on the Executive Board of the DMC Network as Director of Communications.

Throughout the years, ACCENT on Arrangements-DMC has maintained the same hands-on leadership since its inception, through the assembly of an exemplary staff of meeting professionals who are always ready to meet and exceed every customer's needs.