What is a DMC?

Meeting Planners International definition: A destination management company provides meeting support and event services in a city.

DMCs provide in-depth information, contacts in the destination city and work behind the scenes to assist a planner with special events, dinners, transportation, tours and activities.

As a DMC based in New Orleans, ACCENT offers:

  • support at every stage from the planning process through completion and realization
  • servicing as all or part of your event team
  • each client extensive local knowledge to better plan and execute an event
  • insight into:
    • venue selection
    • hotel accommodations
    • local transportation
    • restaurants
    • entertainment
    • event staffing
  • much more!


Why use a DMC? 

Choosing the right DMC is an intrinsic part of successful event planning.

According to the Association of Destination Management Executives:
  • DMCs serve as your representative to vendors in the region in which the program is held
    • represent your goals
    • represent your objectives
    • represent YOU
  • DMCs provide you with leverage in negotiations with local vendors to your benefit
  • DMCs streamline the process by serving as one point of contact before and after your event
  • DMCs are a One Stop Shop for any Event Planner

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