Meghan Sens, Production Assistant

Meghan is a New Orleans native, and truly believes that nowhere feels quite like home as much as New Orleans. She was formerly employed by New Cardiovascular Horizons Medical Conference. Currently a student member of MPI, Meghan's role with ACCENT includes production and proposal development for both the children's and DMC divisions. She thrives in the fast-paced environment of the tourism and hospitality industry which was proven by her involvement in the successful production of the PCMA Opening Event in January of 2010. "This was an amazing learning experience and a wonderful opportunity to see such an important and large event develop from idea to inception!"

Enjoying the liveliness of the city, Meghan attends many of the various festivals, music shows, and events that the Crescent City has to offer. She appreciates the positive and upbeat environment at ACCENT, making work a pleasure!


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