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Benefits of taking the kids on business travel

Bringing your kids with you on a business trip can be a great experience – if you have the right help. Check out this new infographic we created which shows why. Feel free to share with others!
benefits of traveling with the kids on business

Taking the Kids Along on Business Travel?

Thanks to more moms juggling the demands of work and family, businesses are offering incentive programs for parents. Onsite child care is just one of the many incentives; now, some companies encourage their employees to take their children along on business trips. While this may not always be feasible, it may work on some endeavors and allow you to be with your child.

If you do decide to bring your children along, there are a few factors to keep in mind. You will need to upgrade your room to a suite, include a free day in your travels and discuss what you expect from your little ones. You will also need to bring along things to keep the kids busy such as movies, video games and coloring books.

But what do you do when you get to your destination? Surely, your kids can’t sit in on the business meetings or stick around all day at the product show. No, but there are other options that are enjoyable for your children, while providing the peace of mind that your children are kept safe.

First, you can hire a babysitter using a national database of reliable sitters in the area. While this may seem like you’re pulling a name from a book, these databases run background checks and give detailed information about the candidate, such as whether he or she is CPR certified, has experience working with children or other certifications you can rely on.

A second option is to go through an onsite children’s program that provides entertainment and care for kids. These facilities are specifically designed to care for children whose parents are working nearby. They understand that the children are along with their working parents and provide stimulation and fun for kids of all ages, within the boundaries of a safe and often times, accredited facility.

In many cases, your company may arrange the care prior to the travels. For example, they may partner with an onsite child care facility that will arrange activities, meals and care for the employees’ children.

If you bring your children with you regularly, you’ll find what works best for you and your family. Having a one-on-one sitter that can show your kids around the city may work best, or you may feel most comfortable leaving your children at an onsite facility that is licensed or certified.

The best part is – there’s no need to leave your kids at home if you don’t want to. With more incentive programs, companies are partnering up with other child care arrangements that allow you balance both traveling and parenting.


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