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Onsite Childcare Is A Must for Today’s Companies

Business Travel Made Child-Friendly

Recent reports show that spouses or children travel with a working parent over 40 million times each year while nearly half of all business travelers extend their trips for vacations. With numbers like these, it’s no surprise why so many companies are providing children’s programs that enable employees to travel with their children.



Of course, this is a two-way street where not only do companies need to provide the arrangements, but also a third party needs to offer them. The majority of resorts and hotels have shifted their focus from adult-only activities to family friendly activities so that they can cater to travelers with children.

A Step Up from Babysitting

Onsite childcare programs are expanding their boundaries and offering educational activities. At one point in time, the only type of care provided for working parents were babysitting services. The structure of children’s programs is changing and beginning to offer real substance. Nature programs, art projects, wildlife games, outdoor tours and sports activities are some of the newest additions to be seen with children’s programs.

It can be difficult to meet the needs of children of all ages, which is why working with an onsite children’s program can help fill in the gaps. These programs are available for companies to utilize when their employees go on a business trip. Onsite childcare programs provide childcare for all ages, from infants to teens. Naturally, teens are the hardest challenge, but even they can be entertained and kept safe while their parents work.

Benefits for Companies, Employees and Travel Destinations

For companies, these types of arrangements are a huge asset. They can select a resort that provides child-friendly activities and care while their parent employees are working, and employees are more likely to attend the event and concentrate on the information provided. This is an important aspect in today’s society where many working parents are single parents and have difficulty finding childcare arrangements for overnight and weekend business trips.

With this new demand that companies are facing, children’s programs are becoming a must-have for companies, and they in turn require hotels and resorts to provide these programs. Hotels are doing a good job keeping up with these new demands, and much of this is seen with the expansions that hotels are completing. Instead of focusing solely on five-star restaurants, spas and bars, resorts have been known to include playgrounds, kid-friendly pools and activity centers. It’s a new direction, but one that has many benefits to all parties involved.

Tips for Offering Childcare During Business Meetings

Women now make up almost half of the workforce, a far cry from the numbers decades ago, when women only accounted for a fraction of the workforce. Many of these working women are mothers who are juggling the demands of work and parenting. Even dads are playing both roles, as they contribute at work and home. These changes have put pressure on companies to offer more programs that fit the needs of families. After all, when parents know that their children are being well cared for, they can be better workers.

If your company has a business meeting scheduled, there’s no reason why the kids can’t be invited. This allows more flexibility as to when the business meeting can be held, while also ensuring that all employees are at the meeting on time and stay for the duration, while being fully focused on the material during the conference.

But how exactly do you run successful childcare during a business meeting?

Staff Sufficiently

First off, make sure you have an accurate count of how many children will be attending the meeting. It’s important to have the proper staff-to-child ratio so that you can properly and safely care for the children. These ratios are based on the ages of the children and break down to 3:1 for infants, 4:1 for toddlers and 6:1 for children. Since you’re probably tapped out of staff members, hire an onsite childcare company that will provide dependable staff members that will tend to the children.

Keep Them Busy

When you work with an onsite childcare company, the agency will have plenty of age-appropriate activities that will keep everyone busy. This is, after all, the key to running a successful business meeting. You can expect such activities as singing songs, seeing a magician, putting on a puppet show and dancing around to music.

Plan an Appropriate Venue

In addition to the activities planned by the agency, you will need to have a room where the children can stay. Make sure the room is comfortable, has plenty of space to move around, is safe for all ages of children and has bathrooms nearby. While you want the meeting to move along seamlessly, it’s not a bad idea to arrange a few short breaks where parents can check in with their kids if need be. When your employees see just how much fun their kids are having, they’ll be fully invested in the meeting.

At first, your company may feel as if providing child care is difficult to accomplish. Yet thanks to onsite childcare companies, you can provide fun, safe, dependable arrangements that allow you to conveniently hold meetings away from the office, on weekends or evenings. The kids have fun and your employees come together without the distraction of ringing cell phones and text messages of parents waiting to pick their children up.

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