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What is Event Child Care and How Does It Work?

Parents who have to attend professional meetings or out-of-town corporate events may typically rely on the help of family or friends to babysit their children while they’re away. Did you know that there’s another option? It’s called “event group child care” and it can make it possible for your employees to bring their children along with them to the destination city!


About Event Child Care

What exactly is event child care and does it work? Event child care consists of professional child care services and programs that keep children safe, entertained and busy during the day while the parents are at your conference or event. Childcare providers such as ACCENT on Children’s Arrangements offer a safe environment for children, complete with craft projects, activities and games that both entertain and educate them.

While younger children receive structured play and fun lessons during the day, older children have the option to visit the destination city through youth tours. These outings give children the chance to see local sights such as historic landmarks, museums, or public parks. Youth tours are typically provided for children who are ages six and older.

Older children may also enjoy spending time in a youth hospitality suite – a play and entertainment area dedicated to children aged eight and older. In this space, kids can play arcade games such as pinball and foosball, as well as make jewelry, play board games, or play on the Wii!

Why Use Event Child Care?

What are the benefits of using event child care for your employees? If you’ve ever allowed your employees’ children to attend a conference or corporate meeting before, you know that your liability costs may increase once young children are onsite. By giving the children a safe environment designed specifically for them, you can make it possible for children to accompany their parents to the destination city without paying the additional insurance costs yourself.

Hiring an event child care company also makes it easier for attendees to actually participate your corporate events. Those that cannot arrange child care at home typically have to skip attending conferences or meetings. However, if you provide event child care options, employees with families are far more likely to come to the event.

Another key advantage of using event child care is that the public image that you represent a family friendly atmosphere.Considering the needs of your employees and their families may also help attract corporate sponsors to your organization or your event.

Business Planning with Event Childcare in Mind

Parents who often travel for their work are perhaps more familiar with the concept of event childcare than parents who travel very little or not at all. Many corporations are allowing families to accommodate busy corporate moms and dads on business trips. This means the family can normally travel together to the corporate destination and combine work with pleasure.

While moms and dads are working, their children can be cared for by a variety of services. The age of the child will, of course, vary the service. Babies and toddlers will need childcare while older children and teens can participate in workshops and guided field trips with other kids their own age.

Event childcare has become a worldwide service and is utilized by numerous corporations and independent contractors. It is an ideal solution for parents who wish to have their children accommodate them on business but are not certain how they can go about arranging it.

How Does Event Childcare Work?

If you are a traveling professional in need of a childcare solution for your upcoming convention, conference, trade show or meeting, companies such as Accent OCA can help. Accent on Children’s Arrangements is a unique company with years of experience in providing age-appropriate childcare to kids of all ages. Their services range from infant childcare and babysitting services up to and including group tours and daytime field trips for older kids.

Accent on Children’s Arrangements

Accent on Children’s Arrangements provides entertainment and fun in a secure and safe environment. These services can be utilized by any parent, whether traveling for business or as an individual, for any city in the world.

The programs provided to children has been created and custom-designed with fun, safe and educations programs meant to meet the needs of professional parents who have made the choice to travel with their children. They offer complete meeting, conference and convention babysitting services that are well-supervised with age-appropriate curricula. The on-site service is manned by a staff of professional supervisors who are certified in Pediatric First Aid and CPR.

While parents are busy attending events and meetings they can choose to have their infants to teen aged children cared for. While younger children will enjoy the many educational and entertaining on-site services created with them in mind, older kids can enjoy activities such as youth tours, educational tours, group, religious, spiritual and even tourism related tours. Whatever curriculum you choose for your child, let Accent OCA organize it for you.

Business Travel: When Spouses and Kids Come Along

As the world of business becomes more international, more and more parents are taken away from their daily family lives to tend to the business needs of their jobs. For many parents it can be heartbreaking to leave their kids behind, especially if the children are very young.

Bringing Families on Business Trips

Companies such as Accent OCA have come up with a clever and creative way to have today’s working parents bring their children and spouses with them on these business trips. Not only does it relieve the stress and tension of leaving loved ones behind, it can also be a great way for kids to learn about what their parent’s jobs entail.

Planning for All Ages

When children and spouses are part of a business trip, all involved are aware of it, so there are no surprises. The extracurricular activities are planned with everyone in mind. This means the scheduled events are very diverse and have been chosen to accommodate all age levels of the group, including the families and the single travelers.

One of these relaxed professional setting environments is the Disney Cruise Line. Non-distractive conference rooms have been set up where business can resume and work can be done. Outside the conference room, once meetings have wrapped up, are the numerous entertainment offerings that Disney has for its guests.

This has allowed many time-starved families a way to accomplish business while still spending some much needed family time together as a whole. Planning such a corporate function that involves both families with the single traveler can be tricky, however Accent OCA is well versed in planning such events.

Limiting Complications, Maximizing Rewards

Accent OCA is aware that most corporate workers value the rewards they receive from time spent with their families that these corporate experiences allow them to share with both their spouses and kids. Although bringing along spouses and kids can complicate an already complicated meeting, Accent OCA works with the meeting planner to ensure all the company’s needs are met for complete productivity while, at the same time, they are setting up exciting programs for the kids.

Managing Liability

Aside from productivity there are other issues that remain a concern to those on the business trip, one of which is liability. Accent OCA stresses the importance of obtaining a release with a liability clause for each child allowing for emergency medical assistance, for example. Companies such as Accent OCA that participate in setting up the corporate family travel are experienced in these areas and will be more than happy to assist in your company’s needs.

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FAQ About Meeting and Conference Child Care

As work and home life become more connected, increasing numbers of corporate employees and conference attendees are bringing their families with them to their meetings. The challenge is finding activities that will keep young children entertained and occupied while their parents are attending work meetings or forums. That’s where meeting and conference childcare comes in. It gives parents a reliable way to care for their kids during their work events so they can bring them along and enjoy the time away together. Since meeting and conference childcare is a relatively new concept, prospective clients may have a few questions about this service.

What are the benefits of providing meeting childcare for employees?

For one thing, offering conference childcare makes attending corporate events more attractive for employees. This is particularly true of single parents, who may be unable to find suitable arrangements for their children in order to go out of town for a conference. Profit-wise, offering these services can also be useful, since companies may be able to attract child-friendly sponsors for their meetings such as amusement parks and restaurants.

Does this arrangement work for small numbers of kids?

Qualified childcare agencies can accommodate any number of children, from numbers as small as 10 to large groups of 100 or more. When meeting coordinators get a final tally of the employees that will be attending the conference, they can calculate the total number of accompanying children and inform the agency ahead of time. Most corporate childcare agencies do not require a minimum number of children.

What services are included in conference childcare?

Well-staffed agencies are able to provide a wide range of services for clients. From organized field trips to popular children’s attractions in the destination city to structured learning activities and supervised free play time, experienced business childcare providers can keep children happy and content while their parents are away. Some of the provided activities may include arts and crafts projects, games, and special guest speakers. Reputable agencies also provide security services such as photo check-ins and emergency management plans. Most providers also take the step of insuring their clients and children thoroughly, keeping the host companies safe from any possible risk or liability.

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What You Need to Know About Child Care

Selecting a child care provider need not be confusing. Consider these 15 criteria, adapted from a list provided by ACCENT on Arrangements, Inc., a New Orleans-based company specializing in child care programs:

Recommendations: Ask the convention bureau at your meeting site to recommend local and national child care providers. Also, check your PCMA directory.

Insurance: A minimum of $1 million general liability is needed. Read your association’s policy to be sure the proposed program is not among the exclusions.

Waiver or Release: Ask your provider for a waiver or release and have your legal staff review it.

Standards: Make sure the provider in your destination state meets all day care standards, from staffing to physical requirements.

Staff-Child Ratio: Look for a favorable child:adult ratio. The National Association for the Education of Young Children proposes a child-to-staff ratio of 3:1 for infants, 4:1 for toddlers and 6:1 for children up to eight years old.

Security: Check-in and check-out procedures are very important and should be strictly enforced using signatures, proper identification, etc. A security guard is recommended.

Emergencies: Ask your provider how emergencies are handled. Use a medical authorization form for emergencies. An on-site nurse is recommended for large programs.

Staff: Ask about the provider’s requirements. Are they CPR-certified? Do they have education degrees or experience in child care centers? Do they understand children’s needs? Find out who your staff contact will be on site and how you can reach your contact during the day and after hours.

Location: The child care center should be located near emergency exits but not close to heavy traffic areas. A minimum of 35 square feet per child is recommended. Bathroom accessibility is very important. The building must have water sprinklers and an evacuation plan should be posted.

Communication: The provider should be able to reach meetings staff and/or convention services at all times. Some groups provide beepers or cellular phones to be rented by nursing moms or anxious parents.

Staff Orientation: A minimum two-hour orientation is recommended for all child care staff to outline check-in/check-out procedures, child care procedures, and familiarization with the location. The bigger the program, the more detailed the orientation.

Logistics: Think about who will handle crib rental costs, audiovisual equipment, moving of children’s supplies, meals and snacks, registration badges, etc.

Parent Orientation: Provide as much information as possible to the parents. Designate staff to answer questions or refer to child care provider with calls.

Cost: Remember that child care and children’s tours are more expensive than spouse tours. Think about how cost will be met – individual members, sponsorships, subsidies or grants.

Evaluation: Provider should help planner to establish a method of evaluation.

Consistency of service is extremely important in child care. Parents like and expect to receive the same type of service year after year.

Diane E. Lyons is president and founder of New Orleans-based ACCENT on Arrangements.

Photo c/o Santa Ana College

Safety Considerations for Onsite Child Care

Offering child care for business employees is a wonderful opportunity to help parents balance the demands of work and family. More companies are offering child care within the business setting, and the long-term benefits are worthwhile. Not only are you creating a supportive network, but also encouraging employees to have an alternative source of affordable child care so they don’t have to compromise their workload.

Establishing safety guidelines is an important part to any child care facility. Licensed facilities must adhere to the state laws that are set in place to regulate safety, sanitation and food preparation. By following these guidelines, you can rest assured that your facility will stay licensed and continue to offer the quality child care that your employees depend on.

Your child care center will need to follow the health and safety regulations established by the government. This will ensure that the spread of disease and infection is controlled, and that safety is a prime concern. Your facility will be licensed and you’ll need to hire on the appropriate staff to care for the children. Be sure to follow suit with the teacher-to-child ratios, which are dependent on the age of the children. For example, for every 8 2-year-olds, there must be one teacher.

There will need to be protocols for cleaning and sanitizing toys and tables, preparing food, handling accidents and ensuring the safety of outdoor play equipment. A sick policy will need to be given to all parents so they understand which children are excluded. While you want to encourage your employees to come to work, there are certain conditions that make a child too sick to be at day care.

Another consideration that makes onsite child care different from others is that the parents are right around the corner. While most daycare centers allow parents to “drop in”, this will be especially feasible at the workplace. Since you don’t want children coming and going during lunch hours or having parents dropping in at all hours, there are additional guidelines to set in place.

By taking all safety considerations into play, you can create a safe, nurturing child care facility within the boundaries of the workplace.


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