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Onsite Childcare Is A Must for Today’s Companies

Business Travel Made Child-Friendly

Recent reports show that spouses or children travel with a working parent over 40 million times each year while nearly half of all business travelers extend their trips for vacations. With numbers like these, it’s no surprise why so many companies are providing children’s programs that enable employees to travel with their children.



Of course, this is a two-way street where not only do companies need to provide the arrangements, but also a third party needs to offer them. The majority of resorts and hotels have shifted their focus from adult-only activities to family friendly activities so that they can cater to travelers with children.

A Step Up from Babysitting

Onsite childcare programs are expanding their boundaries and offering educational activities. At one point in time, the only type of care provided for working parents were babysitting services. The structure of children’s programs is changing and beginning to offer real substance. Nature programs, art projects, wildlife games, outdoor tours and sports activities are some of the newest additions to be seen with children’s programs.

It can be difficult to meet the needs of children of all ages, which is why working with an onsite children’s program can help fill in the gaps. These programs are available for companies to utilize when their employees go on a business trip. Onsite childcare programs provide childcare for all ages, from infants to teens. Naturally, teens are the hardest challenge, but even they can be entertained and kept safe while their parents work.

Benefits for Companies, Employees and Travel Destinations

For companies, these types of arrangements are a huge asset. They can select a resort that provides child-friendly activities and care while their parent employees are working, and employees are more likely to attend the event and concentrate on the information provided. This is an important aspect in today’s society where many working parents are single parents and have difficulty finding childcare arrangements for overnight and weekend business trips.

With this new demand that companies are facing, children’s programs are becoming a must-have for companies, and they in turn require hotels and resorts to provide these programs. Hotels are doing a good job keeping up with these new demands, and much of this is seen with the expansions that hotels are completing. Instead of focusing solely on five-star restaurants, spas and bars, resorts have been known to include playgrounds, kid-friendly pools and activity centers. It’s a new direction, but one that has many benefits to all parties involved.

What is Event Child Care and How Does It Work?

Parents who have to attend professional meetings or out-of-town corporate events may typically rely on the help of family or friends to babysit their children while they’re away. Did you know that there’s another option? It’s called “event group child care” and it can make it possible for your employees to bring their children along with them to the destination city!


About Event Child Care

What exactly is event child care and does it work? Event child care consists of professional child care services and programs that keep children safe, entertained and busy during the day while the parents are at your conference or event. Childcare providers such as ACCENT on Children’s Arrangements offer a safe environment for children, complete with craft projects, activities and games that both entertain and educate them.

While younger children receive structured play and fun lessons during the day, older children have the option to visit the destination city through youth tours. These outings give children the chance to see local sights such as historic landmarks, museums, or public parks. Youth tours are typically provided for children who are ages six and older.

Older children may also enjoy spending time in a youth hospitality suite – a play and entertainment area dedicated to children aged eight and older. In this space, kids can play arcade games such as pinball and foosball, as well as make jewelry, play board games, or play on the Wii!

Why Use Event Child Care?

What are the benefits of using event child care for your employees? If you’ve ever allowed your employees’ children to attend a conference or corporate meeting before, you know that your liability costs may increase once young children are onsite. By giving the children a safe environment designed specifically for them, you can make it possible for children to accompany their parents to the destination city without paying the additional insurance costs yourself.

Hiring an event child care company also makes it easier for attendees to actually participate your corporate events. Those that cannot arrange child care at home typically have to skip attending conferences or meetings. However, if you provide event child care options, employees with families are far more likely to come to the event.

Another key advantage of using event child care is that the public image that you represent a family friendly atmosphere.Considering the needs of your employees and their families may also help attract corporate sponsors to your organization or your event.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Planning an Onsite Children’s Program

Are you planning a onsite children’s program for your next business event, conference or meeting? Even the most experienced planners can fall short if they don’t come to the table well prepared. We have simple strategies to make your program a success; all it takes is a bit of careful planning.




Determine who should run the program. You can provide the childcare services yourself or choose to work with an outside company like ACCENT on Children’s Arrangements. Sometimes there may be an established program at a hotel or facility, and you can partner with them as well. Since most planners require some additional assistance, they choose to work with a third party.

Plan age-appropriate activities. When children are kept entertained, they tend to be better behaved, which leads to you having more control. Decide which types of activities to provide based on the ages of the children, the number of children and the length of time they will be there.

Set age limits. Be flexible with the ages of children you will accept, but know that the younger the children, the more care they will need. By establishing an age limit, you can keep the costs of the program down and plan more efficiently for the activities.

Divide groups of children. Be sure to divide the children by age. Older children will need more structure while younger children will require less. This also prevents older children from feeling bored.

Hire qualified supervisors. In order to avoid liability issues, it’s important to hire caregivers that are qualified, licensed and experienced. The easiest way to find these types of caregivers is through onsite childcare programs that provide a reliable base of qualified supervisors.

Tie in activities with local attractions. To make the activities more fun, tie them in with the local attractions in the area. If there are no major attractions like Disney World or Six Flags nearby, consider the weather, the wildlife or local museums other fun facts about the state that the kids will enjoy learning about.


Make the program a mandatory affair. Employees should be allowed to opt in or out of the program based on the needs of their children.

Provide activities that are not family friendly. The goal is to create a family-friendly atmosphere, so providing activities that are not geared toward families will only defeat this purpose.

Believe that you have a more limited selection because of a children’s program. You have just as many opportunities at your fingertips; you’ll just be using them differently.

It’s true that by allowing your employees to bring their children will boost attendance and employee morale, but there are also liability issues to consider. Proper planning will help avoid some issues, but the best way to come prepared is by hiring a third party such as ACCENT on Children’s Arrangements to help with the details. A local DMC can also help assist you in finding the right services for all of your atendees,both young and old!











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