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Summer Ideas for Traveling with Kids


Parents know that traveling with kids of any age takes some planning. Many parents start the planning process long before they even step foot out the door. If summer is your travel time of year, there are many great ideas to keep the kids entertained and parents sane during your family vacation.

Pack Accordingly

The first tip is to remember that younger kids do tend to bore easily so packing electronic entertainment and heaps of snacks is always a lifesaver, regardless of how you’re getting to your destination.

Travel by Train

For something different, consider traveling by train. If you’re heading to the family cottage in the next state or aiming to the coast for a resort retreat, look into getting there via train. Train travel is often overlooked as an option but should be considered because let’s face it, kids love trains. Taking an overnight train ride could make the complicated ‘getting there’ portion of your journey all the easier while providing a fun family experience.

Unique US Destinations

If this year’s family vacation entails staying close to home, there are numerous great spots in the US that are considered unique family vacation destinations. Try Omni Bedford Springs in Pennsylvania, which is a quick two-hour jaunt from DC. Not only is it easy to get to, the service is incredible, the food impeccable and the cost is very affordable for today’s families.

The Hotel Hershey is a resort park in Hershey, Pennsylvania and is another great family choice. Also easy to get to and very affordable, the hotel offers an abundance of activities and amenities on-site to suit all ages.

Escape the Familiar

Other summer travel destinations when traveling with kids are more exotic places such as the Caribbean. Most parents would not consider such a destination for summer travel, but when you have kids, these luxurious and often all-inclusive resorts are extremely affordable during the low season and also offer childcare rates so moms and dads can have a break too.

Grown-up Activities

If your kid is not exactly a kid anymore, perhaps a peek into a more adult vacation is a good start. Begin by taking them to a Broadway show, art galleries, or a white-tablecloth dinner for a little grown-up activity. Afterwards you can balance the vacation by hitting an arcade or beach of their choice to even out the activities.

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