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Summer Ideas for Travelling with Kids


If you have small children and you’re planning a summer getaway this year, you might be wondering how you can plan a trip that keeps the children happy and your entire family excited about the vacation. The good news is that finding summer vacation ideas for children is fairly simple, if you make accommodations for their interests along the way. You can even make a business trip into a family vacation by taking advantage of event child care.



The key to planning a successful child-friendly summer trip is keeping the children’s interests in mind when planning both the destination and the route you will take to get there. You can find time to engage in activities for you and your spouse, but keeping the bulk of the vacation in line with the children’s tastes will make the entire trip a more pleasant experience for everyone.

Getting There

Road trips are traditional family vacations and they offer plenty of opportunities to have fun along the way. Try playing car games such as I-Spy, watching for out of state license plates, or sing-alongs to songs everyone in the family knows. You’ll also want to bring along coloring books, washable crayons, a deck of cards, and quiet toys. Make sure you take plenty of rest breaks to give the children time to stretch their legs, get something to drink, and see the sights.

If you’re traveling by air or train, you might not have to come up with much to keep the children occupied since the ride will probably be shorter. Games such as word search and coloring books are sure to keep them occupied along the way
Picking a Destination

Settling on a destination city is probably the biggest part of planning a child-friendly vacation. Try selecting an area with plenty of attractions and sightseeing opportunities for the children. Amusement parks, children’s museums, historical sites and beaches are all popular areas for children. An all-inclusive family-friendly resort with supervised children’s activities is another good choice.

Using Event Child Care at a Business Meeting

With event child care, you can even turn a business trip into a family summer vacation. Event child care providers such as Accent on Children’s Arrangements allow you to receive supervised, safe care for your children while you attend a corporate event or conference. During the day, the children will get to engage in craft making, game playing, and playing with children their own age while their parents are able to stay focused on their important meetings.

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