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Business Trips and Tips with Kids

When parents routinely take their business trips to the same destinations, it can make traveling with small children easier, as they have developed relationships with babysitters or daycare centers that they can trust. When a parent’s business trips are not routinely in the same destination, childcare can become difficult.

Pack Mindfully, and Remember Rules

Whether this is your first time traveling with your child or you’ve done it many times before, the best place to start for successful business travel is with packing. Make sure you understand the airline rules about carry on luggage. This means you will need to have the appropriate amount of items from liquid gels to baby formula. If all your items are packed according to their specifications, you will zip through their airport security without any problems.

Distract the Little Ones

Small children on airplanes can be a handful. This will be the time keeping them focused on activities is crucial. Keeping them entertained while they are awake will not only keep them out of trouble, it also avoids disturbing other passengers who are not tolerant of small children.

To keep them entertained, remember to pack distraction items such as small toys that are colorful, geometric and familiar to them. Having toys they know from home can help to comfort them. Older children should be included in their toy selection. Let them choose an appropriate toy or two to bring along. Buying a few new toys to surprise them with on the plane can also be a great diversion and occupy their time until you land.

Books Are a Charm

Books are always a distraction, especially picture books or coloring books. This is also a perfect opportunity to buy new books that your child has not seen before. When they are introduced on the plane, the books will be novel and of interest, keeping them occupied longer.

Encourage Creative Play

Shopping for creative art activities or any other form of interactive learning will keep their curious minds busy as well. Bring along items such as crayons, blank paper and drawing pads. Including interactive toys and electronic items such as DVD players with their favorite movies to keep them busy will also help to pass the time.

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Summer Ideas for Traveling with Kids

Parents know that traveling with kids of any age takes some planning. Many parents start the planning process long before they even step foot out the door. If summer is your travel time of year, there are many great ideas to keep the kids entertained and parents sane during your family vacation.

Pack Accordingly

The first tip is to remember that younger kids do tend to bore easily so packing electronic entertainment and heaps of snacks is always a lifesaver, regardless of how you’re getting to your destination.

Travel by Train

For something different, consider traveling by train. If you’re heading to the family cottage in the next state or aiming to the coast for a resort retreat, look into getting there via train. Train travel is often overlooked as an option but should be considered because let’s face it, kids love trains. Taking an overnight train ride could make the complicated ‘getting there’ portion of your journey all the easier while providing a fun family experience.

Unique US Destinations

If this year’s family vacation entails staying close to home, there are numerous great spots in the US that are considered unique family vacation destinations. Try Omni Bedford Springs in Pennsylvania, which is a quick two-hour jaunt from DC. Not only is it easy to get to, the service is incredible, the food impeccable and the cost is very affordable for today’s families.

The Hotel Hershey is a resort park in Hershey, Pennsylvania and is another great family choice. Also easy to get to and very affordable, the hotel offers an abundance of activities and amenities on-site to suit all ages.

Escape the Familiar

Other summer travel destinations when traveling with kids are more exotic places such as the Caribbean. Most parents would not consider such a destination for summer travel, but when you have kids, these luxurious and often all-inclusive resorts are extremely affordable during the low season and also offer childcare rates so moms and dads can have a break too.

Grown-up Activities

If your kid is not exactly a kid anymore, perhaps a peek into a more adult vacation is a good start. Begin by taking them to a Broadway show, art galleries, or a white-tablecloth dinner for a little grown-up activity. Afterwards you can balance the vacation by hitting an arcade or beach of their choice to even out the activities.

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Mixing Family Pleasure with Business Trips

It’s never easy for moms and dads to leave their children behind as they fly off for another business trip. These days however, it is more and more acceptable for busy corporates to bring their children along on such trips, regardless of the child’s age. With a little planning and travel experience, it’s very easy to turn a business trip into successful family time.

The Changing Face of Family-Friendly Hospitality

The concept of parents bringing along their children accompanied by either their spouses or a nanny has been an enormous success for both corporations and parents. As a matter of fact numerous hotels, including the Trump International Hotel and Tower in New York, have added baby-type services to their amenities. Baby Attaches help not only the parents but also their little ones adapt to a new environment with the use of a multitude of practical equipment including baby-soothing chairs.

What it Takes to Succeed

When it comes right down to the success of bringing baby on business, teamwork is vital. Scheduling visiting times with the working spouse is important, especially for nursing mothers. A functioning schedule allows the nursing child to keep to their regular feeding routine while the spouses and older children get to spend some time together.

Pack Accordingly

Having a little travel experience with your children is also vital to the success of incorporating family with business trips. Make sure to pack light yet practical items such as clothes, diapers and toys. Don’t forget the baby’s photo ID in the event you are traveling outside the country.

Accent OCA: Your Partner in Youth Travel

For older children, check-in ahead of time with companies such as Accent OCA where kids can be scheduled into fun activities and group field trips. This allows them to make new friends, check out the area and enjoy a little independent time until their working parent is free for the day. Accent OCA is a great alternative when it comes to corporate childcare services as they are experienced with young children that require daycare up to students that are suited for field trips.

Bringing older adolescents and teens on these business affairs can be the beginning of new life lessons. These trips can be hugely influential by expanding their experiences to other cities and countries in a way they may not have seen otherwise. There is no magic formula to mixing business trips with family time, however there are many options available to parents want to give it a try.

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Business Travel: When Spouses and Kids Come Along

As the world of business becomes more international, more and more parents are taken away from their daily family lives to tend to the business needs of their jobs. For many parents it can be heartbreaking to leave their kids behind, especially if the children are very young.

Bringing Families on Business Trips

Companies such as Accent OCA have come up with a clever and creative way to have today’s working parents bring their children and spouses with them on these business trips. Not only does it relieve the stress and tension of leaving loved ones behind, it can also be a great way for kids to learn about what their parent’s jobs entail.

Planning for All Ages

When children and spouses are part of a business trip, all involved are aware of it, so there are no surprises. The extracurricular activities are planned with everyone in mind. This means the scheduled events are very diverse and have been chosen to accommodate all age levels of the group, including the families and the single travelers.

One of these relaxed professional setting environments is the Disney Cruise Line. Non-distractive conference rooms have been set up where business can resume and work can be done. Outside the conference room, once meetings have wrapped up, are the numerous entertainment offerings that Disney has for its guests.

This has allowed many time-starved families a way to accomplish business while still spending some much needed family time together as a whole. Planning such a corporate function that involves both families with the single traveler can be tricky, however Accent OCA is well versed in planning such events.

Limiting Complications, Maximizing Rewards

Accent OCA is aware that most corporate workers value the rewards they receive from time spent with their families that these corporate experiences allow them to share with both their spouses and kids. Although bringing along spouses and kids can complicate an already complicated meeting, Accent OCA works with the meeting planner to ensure all the company’s needs are met for complete productivity while, at the same time, they are setting up exciting programs for the kids.

Managing Liability

Aside from productivity there are other issues that remain a concern to those on the business trip, one of which is liability. Accent OCA stresses the importance of obtaining a release with a liability clause for each child allowing for emergency medical assistance, for example. Companies such as Accent OCA that participate in setting up the corporate family travel are experienced in these areas and will be more than happy to assist in your company’s needs.

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Educational Tours: Accent OCA

The city of New Orleans is a highly respected destination for adventure. It is also a popular business center for both local and international commerce. Many people who arrive in the Crescent City for business leave their families behind while they are away. Thanks to companies such as Accent OCA, it is not necessary to leave your children behind in the care of another.

Corporate Childcare Lets Children Experience Travel, Too

Corporate childcare is a well-received concept that has many benefits to today’s working moms and dads. Not only can they bring their children along on their business trip, they are also able to share the experience with their kids. During the day you can rest assured that your children are well taken care of and occupied with a multitude of healthy events. During the evening, parents are free to spend time exploring their business city as a family.

New Orleans for Kids

Even though New Orleans may have a Mardi Gras reputation, there are many great family activities to be had while here on business. Remember that Bourbon Street is only one street in the city and the children who live here are never bored or without healthy or appropriate activities.

Worlds of Wonder

Making arrangements for educational tours through Accent OCA is simple, so why not sign your kids up for a trip to the Audubon Insectarium? Curious minds will love to explore every nook and corner of this wildly popular insect museum. Both the Audubon Zoo and Cool Zoo Water Park are great places to spend the day, as is the Aquarium of the Americas where numerous aquatic life, including a 400,000-gallon tank, can be seen.

Love to Learn

If your kids love to learn, New Orleans is home to the Louisiana Children’s Museum. Located in the Arts District along Julia Street, kids of all ages can enjoy the many activities including piloting a life-size tugboat. The Outdoor Kid-Friendly Museum is an incredible display of accessible art that invites all kids, while the life-size boats and plans at the National World War II Museum is an ideal place to take in some real-life history.

Ride the River

Before you leave New Orleans a riverboat ride is a must. Floating down the mighty Mississippi River is a great way to see the city from a different perspective while learning about the surrounding history. If you’re able to do this as a family event, these paddle boats offer the perfect opportunity for parents and kids to not only learn, but to also enjoy the sounds of local jazz musicians while taking in a family dinner in style.

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Bringing the Family Along – Tips for Meeting Planners Part 2

As mentioned in Part 1 of this topic, more and more companies are seeing the value of offering corporate childcare services for their employees. Doing so ensures that employees attend the event and that they are able to enjoy the trip with their entire families. But how can meeting planners make these types of arrangements? What should this type of conference include?

A simple way to provide conference childcare is to hire the services of a professional agency that specializes in this type of meeting planning. The company Accent on Children’s Arrangements based in New Orleans, Louisiana is such an agency. Offering childcare services for corporate meetings, conferences, and private events, this agency has an experienced staff, including a program manager that develops a unique curriculum for each group of children. Using this type of provider can greatly reduce the amount of work that a meeting planner will have to do to make arrangements for children of employees.

It’s also wise for meeting planners to select host cities for their events that feature lots of kid-friendly entertainment and attractions. Cities such as New Orleans, Los Angeles, New York, and Orlando are packed with plenty of things that children will enjoy. Southern California, which is home to wildly popular amusement parks like Disneyland, Sea World, and Knott’s Berry Farm would make a great host city for this very reason. Just visiting these parks may be enough to provide entertainment for children of attendees.

Disney parks such as Disneyland and Walt Disney World also provide a wealth of entertainment and services for groups of children, including rides, live shows, meals, organized activities, and private parties. Meeting planners who select an area near to these attractions can contact the Disney customer service department to inquire about what arrangements are possible for large groups and if there are any discounts the group may be eligible to receive.

Resorts and full-service hotels may also be great resources for meeting planners. Some of these establishments in large cities offer kids’ suites, complimentary dining, kids’ clubs with structured activities and classes, recreation, and live entertainment. Many of these hotels and resorts may be willing to offer special activities for children of corporate groups or discounts to local attractions such as aquariums, zoos, and museums.

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Bringing the Family Along – Tips for Meeting Planners Part 1

Leaving children behind during business trips is a common issue for working parents whose jobs take them on the road. It can be an even bigger problem for professional meeting planners, who may travel more frequently than other employees. Feeling torn between work responsibilities and family loyalty can be difficult for any parent, particularly those who have to leave town regularly. The great news is that there are options for meeting planners who want to bring their spouses and children along with them on business trips. However, there are both advantages and drawbacks to doing so.

The possible drawbacks include the distraction that family matters may pose while the parent is working and the necessary supervision and activities parents may have to arrange to keep the children occupied during the day. It’s no secret that parents have to struggle to stay focused on their work, especially when a child becomes sick or injured. But that is a common issue for parents when they’re in their hometown, so most working moms and dads may be used to dealing with those problems.

When it comes to the advantages of bringing kids on business travel, though, there are many. For one, kids get to see the value of their parent’s work and responsibility. Sometimes children forget that their parents have more responsibilities than simply taking care of their needs. Seeing Mom or Dad contribute to the success of their company can help kids appreciate the work they do to support the family.

Another benefit of bringing the family along on work trips is making a frugal vacation out of the event. For many children, simply staying in hotel where they don’t have to make up their bed and where they can go swimming is a vacation. And if parents arrange for conference childcare services that include field trips and visits to amusement parks, the children can spend their days enjoying the city and the whole family can spend the evenings together.

One of the largest advantages of offering childcare services for meeting attendees is seeing the number of employees who are willing to come to the conference go up. Once workers see that the company understands the importance of family life and accommodate it, more of them may be ready to travel to the event.

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Keeping Your Teen Busy During Business Trips

If you travel regularly on business, you’re probably aware that many companies are becoming more flexible with bringing the kids along. As long as you attend the trade show, meetings and other work obligations, the time spent outside of these responsibilities is your own. That is why so many travelers, moms especially, are taking their children with them on business trips. You won’t have to find a sitter or miss out on time spent with your child, and your teen can take advantage of a few small travels of her own!

If you have a teen, traveling with one is easier than a child. However, entertaining one isn’t. Just like at home, you’ll need to arrange a few structured activities that will keep your teen busy, apart from cell phones, laptops and handheld games. Most importantly, you want to make sure that your child is safe so that you can focus on your work during the day.

One of the most effective ways to keep your child busy and safe is to choose onsite child care that is often arranged by the employer. These on demand facilities such as New Orleans based Accent OCA provide convention, conference, meeting and babysitting services that are offered to working parents on business. Your teen will be kept busy and can interact with other kids his own age, plus lend a helping hand with the younger children if he chooses.

If your teen thinks she’s too old for a traditional sitter, then try a different approach. With online babysitter databases, you can find a candidate that can take your teen around the town while you work. Some cities are more family-friendly than others, with New Orleans being one of the best for kids and teens. The Audubon Zoo is 340-acres and home to swamp creatures, Bengal tigers and alligators. Or visit the Audubon Aquarium that will let your teen get up close to some the most interesting swamp critters around.

Maybe your child would rather walk around the city of New Orleans and engage in less structured activities. Once your meetings are through, take a stroll through the French Quarter, check out the head-turning Monteleone Hotel and visit the historic homes in the Garden District. If your teen is up for some spooky fun, a haunted tour may fit the bill and lead you to the above-ground tombstones and New Orleans voodoo shops.

Also remember to pack along all the things your teen loves and can do in the hotel such as an e-Reader, laptop and game console. Buy her an inexpensive digital camera as a treat and let her take pictures of the new city. Take advantage of the ethnic foods in the area by trying out a family-friendly buffet. Also look for places that offer free, live entertainment that will provide culture-oriented music to give your teen the perfect balance of learning, fun and quality time spent with the family.


New Orleans Business Trip? Bring the Kids Along!

If you have to travel to New Orleans on business, consider bringing the kids along for the ride. While the idea may sound a bit foreign, more companies are allowing their employees to bring their children on business trips – and providing the resources to make it happen. There are many rewards to bringing the kids along on business, as parents don’t have to arrange for child care or miss out on valuable family time. And when having their children in tow, employees are better able to focus on their work, knowing that their family is right around the corner.

Not all business trips will be kid friendly, so it’s important to choose cities that are conducive to young children. New Orleans is a family-friendly city, so if you have a business trip coming up soon, start planning for the family.  Talk to your employer about arranging for family-friendly hotels and onsite child care such as Accent OCA for when you’re in meetings.

What else can you do when you bring your children to New Orleans on a business trip?

The Audubon Zoo has more than 1,300 creatures, including the Komodo dragon, Bengal tigers and rare white alligators.

The Monteleone is a stunning hotel that turns the heads of passerbys. Although a prestigious hotel, rates for kids are affordable, and little ones will love the heated rooftop pool and revolving piano bar.

Kids will take an active interest in the “cities of the dead” or above-ground tombstones; something only seen in New Orleans.

Little hands will love exploring the 30,000 square foot Louisiana Children’s Museum with a mini supermarket and rock climbing wall.

Children love riding around in the wooden electric cars through the streets of New Orleans. Rides are only $1.25, making this an affordable activity.

Other fun activities for kids include airboat tours, fishing expeditions, aquariums, swamp tours and museums. Not only can you enjoy many fun, budget-friendly activities in between meetings, but also New Orleans caters to visitors and their families, which means easier access to child care. With onsite children’s arrangements like Accent OCA, you won’t have to worry about leaving your children with a stranger. All activities provided are safe, secure and fun for kids of all ages.

With this unique approach toward out-of-town business meetings, you don’t have to sacrifice valuable time with the kids at the expense of your work. To learn more about these wonderful opportunities, work with a DMC that can help you find age-appropriate activities, restaurants and hotels that cater to children.


Benefits of Bringing the Kids on a Business Trip

Business travelers who bring their kids out of town with them enjoy some unique benefits. While these parents have their own struggles on work trips, they get to appreciate memorable experience and quality time with their children.

  1. Work flexibility – A key benefit of traveling on business with kids is the career flexibility it offers. Parents can arrange special programs for the kids that keep them entertained and happy, especially during long business meetings. These adjustments make it easy for parents to balance their work and family responsibilities, which helps to reduce parental anxiety.
  2. Quality time with the kids – One of the biggest perks of business travel with kids is the ability to enjoy quality time as a family. Corporate workers who spend long hours at the office may have to be away from their children regularly. Getting to spend evenings and weekends with them out of town can ease the long hours apart.
  3. Memorable family vacations – Business travelers who take trips to different locales and bring their kids along can make their time into miniature family vacations with a little planning. A weekend trip to a corporate conference can be fun for the kids with an afternoon tour of a local zoo or a swim in the hotel pool.
  4. Helps kids learn about other places and people – Often, children spend their days with the same types of people, going to the same places, and doing the same things. This routine, while normal, can breed boredom and, possibly, a narrow view of the world. When children get a chance to accompany their parents on business trips, they learn new ways of doing things, meet new people, and begin to understand a vital quality: flexibility.
  5. Kids get to see more of their parents’ responsibilities – Bringing kids along for work functions helps them see the value of the work their parents do. Seeing these experiences for themselves can help kids develop appreciation for the multiple roles their parents fill, including worker, parent, and caregiver. This may also encourage them to become more responsible, since they’ll understand how they can help their parents in their everyday duties.

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