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Business Trips and Tips with Kids


When parents routinely take their business trips to the same destinations, it can make traveling with small children easier, as they have developed relationships with babysitters or daycare centers that they can trust. When a parent’s business trips are not routinely in the same destination, childcare can become difficult.

Pack Mindfully, and Remember Rules

Whether this is your first time traveling with your child or you’ve done it many times before, the best place to start for successful business travel is with packing. Make sure you understand the airline rules about carry on luggage. This means you will need to have the appropriate amount of items from liquid gels to baby formula. If all your items are packed according to their specifications, you will zip through their airport security without any problems.

Distract the Little Ones

Small children on airplanes can be a handful. This will be the time keeping them focused on activities is crucial. Keeping them entertained while they are awake will not only keep them out of trouble, it also avoids disturbing other passengers who are not tolerant of small children.

To keep them entertained, remember to pack distraction items such as small toys that are colorful, geometric and familiar to them. Having toys they know from home can help to comfort them. Older children should be included in their toy selection. Let them choose an appropriate toy or two to bring along. Buying a few new toys to surprise them with on the plane can also be a great diversion and occupy their time until you land.

Books Are a Charm

Books are always a distraction, especially picture books or coloring books. This is also a perfect opportunity to buy new books that your child has not seen before. When they are introduced on the plane, the books will be novel and of interest, keeping them occupied longer.

Encourage Creative Play

Shopping for creative art activities or any other form of interactive learning will keep their curious minds busy as well. Bring along items such as crayons, blank paper and drawing pads. Including interactive toys and electronic items such as DVD players with their favorite movies to keep them busy will also help to pass the time.

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