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Business Planning with Event Childcare in Mind


Parents who often travel for their work are perhaps more familiar with the concept of event childcare than parents who travel very little or not at all. Many corporations are allowing families to accommodate busy corporate moms and dads on business trips. This means the family can normally travel together to the corporate destination and combine work with pleasure.

While moms and dads are working, their children can be cared for by a variety of services. The age of the child will, of course, vary the service. Babies and toddlers will need childcare while older children and teens can participate in workshops and guided field trips with other kids their own age.

Event childcare has become a worldwide service and is utilized by numerous corporations and independent contractors. It is an ideal solution for parents who wish to have their children accommodate them on business but are not certain how they can go about arranging it.

How Does Event Childcare Work?

If you are a traveling professional in need of a childcare solution for your upcoming convention, conference, trade show or meeting, companies such as Accent OCA can help. Accent on Children’s Arrangements is a unique company with years of experience in providing age-appropriate childcare to kids of all ages. Their services range from infant childcare and babysitting services up to and including group tours and daytime field trips for older kids.

Accent on Children’s Arrangements

Accent on Children’s Arrangements provides entertainment and fun in a secure and safe environment. These services can be utilized by any parent, whether traveling for business or as an individual, for any city in the world.

The programs provided to children has been created and custom-designed with fun, safe and educations programs meant to meet the needs of professional parents who have made the choice to travel with their children. They offer complete meeting, conference and convention babysitting services that are well-supervised with age-appropriate curricula. The on-site service is manned by a staff of professional supervisors who are certified in Pediatric First Aid and CPR.

While parents are busy attending events and meetings they can choose to have their infants to teen aged children cared for. While younger children will enjoy the many educational and entertaining on-site services created with them in mind, older kids can enjoy activities such as youth tours, educational tours, group, religious, spiritual and even tourism related tours. Whatever curriculum you choose for your child, let Accent OCA organize it for you.

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