In the late 1980s while working for a destinations management company in New Orleans and trying to juggle the responsibilities of a wife, a busy travel schedule and caring for two young children, Diane B. Lyons conceived and founded a company that would provide well-planned and organized children’s activities and entertainment for the attendees of meetings nationwide.

Headquartered in New Orleans, ACCENT was founded in 1991 to offer busy parents a way to combine business and parenting while allowing meeting planners an inexpensive and easy way to attract a broader audience. ACCENT on Children’s Arrangements became the premier provider for childcare programs in the United States and has continued to do so far the past 27 years!


ACCENT’s Program Managers are trained to make all rooms safe and secure by the removal of all dangerous items (i.e. sharp objects, plants, inappropriate furniture) also working with venue staff to assure the safety of the facility.

Once the facilities are prepped, ACCENT provides a creative, customized schedule of events as well as age-appropriate toys, active games, fun equipment, storytelling, movies, music and much more to create an engaging, stimulating, educational and fun experience.


Each age group has a schedule of daily activities planned. Younger children enjoy toys, songs, and lots of attention while in ACCENT’s care. Older children play age-appropriate games and make arts and crafts throughout the day. 

Entertainers are often incorporated into the program; magicians, puppeteers, or musical guests entertain the children. Youth field trips are wonderful add-ons for children, allowing them an opportunity to visit the sites of the hosting city. 

ACCENT on Children’s Arrangements-OCA, located in New Orleans, Louisiana is full service event child care company providing a host of child care and babysitting services for meetings, conferences, conventions and other special events taking place all over the world.

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